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3. Summer Art Camp & Culture Art Workshop
The 3rd Summer Art Camp & Culture Art Workshop, hosted by Kemer Municipality with the support of Ketob & Kemiad, will be held in Antalya/Kemer. Our event is open to all academics, students and artists.
Applied workshops will be held in all areas of Fine Arts.
Nature Walk, Campfire, Swimming, Beach Volleyball, Music Concerts, Movie Watches, Sporting Activities, Workshops (At the Hours Determined by the Organization) and Free Time.
(Changes can be made in the program according to the participant's request.)

Tahtalı Cable Car – Boat Trip – Kemer Yoruk Park Trip
*Note: The right to change all programs belongs to the organization.

Event calendar:
15-19 August 2022 (4 nights - 5 days)

Summer Art Camp Location:
Kemer Kindil Beach

Summer Art Camp Application Deadline: 11.08.2022
Summer Art Camp and Culture Art Workshop General Conditions
1- Tent will be given by the organization.
2- The Art Camp and Workshop area should not be abandoned unless the justification is given and approval is obtained.
3- Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
4- The workshop program and times will be notified to the participants.
5- Participants who do not comply with the rules agree and undertake to leave the camp after the warning.
6- Participants who fill out the participation form accept and undertake that they will comply with all camp conditions.
7- Tent materials (sleeping bags, mats, etc.) must be brought by the participants for hygiene reasons. (These materials can also be provided by us when deemed necessary)
8- Toilets and showers are available in the camping area.
9- Electricity, Table, chair etc. Materials will be provided by the organization.
10- All kinds of valuable, personal or personal belongings are the responsibility of the participants. The organization will not be liable in this regard.
11- Workshop daily program will be notified to the participants on the day of the activity.
12- Within the scope of the workshop, it is planned to hold workshops in all fields of fine arts.
13- (1. Summer Art Camp and Culture Art Workshop)
14- (2nd Summer Art Camp and Culture and Art Workshop
Summer Art Camp Participation Fee: 60 Euro (4 nights, 5 days) All breakfast and meals, tent, boat tour, Tahtalı cable car, Yörük Park Trip, Workshops, social activities, painting and traditional Turkish arts workshop materials will be covered by the organization.

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