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3. Summer Art Camp & Culture Art Workshop Online Group Exhibition

The theme of this year's workshop, which will be held with the slogan "There is Art on the Beach", has been determined as "Forest Fires and Global Warming".
All fields of Fine Arts can participate in exhibitions.

In 2021, our lungs burned with forest fires, especially in Manavgat and many regions of Turkey. Within the scope of the 4th International Fine Arts Symposium in the Mediterranean, held on 26-28 November 2021, 1500 saplings were planted in Manavgat under the supervision of the Antalya Forestry Directorate.
You can get information about planting saplings by visiting the links below.

 (4th International Fine Arts Symposium in the Mediterranean)
, broadcast on the news channel (TreforestationRT)
Trees will be planted for fire zones with the income of the Online Group Exhibition, which will be held within the scope of the 3rd Summer Art Camp & Culture Art Workshop to be held between 15-19 August 2022. Tree planting will be carried out by the teams of Antalya Regional Directorate of Forestry and in coordination.
Mixed Exhibition Participation Fee: 150₺ (for 5 saplings)

Group Exhibition Application Deadline: 20.08.2022
Online Group Exhibition Publication Date: 30.08.2022
For Application and Information:
In the participation form of the participants participating in the Mixed Exhibition, the participant information, resume, work tag and participation form, as well as a 300 dpi resolution image of the work in jpeg format should be sent to the event e-mail address.

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